What Personal Habits Can Contribute to Business Success?

What Personal Habits Can Contribute to Business Success?

We've gathered insights from eighteen entrepreneurs and CEOs to uncover the personal habits that fuel their success. From embracing unresolved problems to setting goals and reflecting daily, discover the diverse strategies employed by these leaders to stay ahead in the entrepreneurial game.

  • Embrace Unresolved Problems
  • Seek Global Immersion Experiences
  • Maintain a Balanced Life
  • Plan Meticulously
  • Empower Through Trust
  • Practice Mindful Meditation
  • Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Engage in Active Listening
  • Prioritize Quality Sleep
  • Cross-Industry Innovation Sessions
  • Practice Optimism
  • Cultivate Relentless Curiosity
  • Distinguish Reversible Decisions
  • Utilize Online Task Managers
  • Master Task Balancing
  • Maintain a Morning Routine
  • Embrace Testing and Adaptability
  • Set Goals and Reflect Daily

Embrace Unresolved Problems

One personal habit that significantly contributes to my success as an entrepreneur is my ability to comfortably sit with unresolved problems without rushing into immediate action.

Most entrepreneurs view solutions as immediate and distressing. The ability to walk away to gain a better perspective helps you make better choices in business.

Victor Hsi
Victor HsiFounder, UGC Creator Community

Seek Global Immersion Experiences

I prioritize 'global immersion experiences.' Every quarter, I travel to a different part of the world to immerse myself in a new culture. These trips are not vacations but are designed to observe and learn from diverse digital marketing practices globally. This habit helps me bring back diverse, innovative ideas that can be tested and possibly integrated into our services at our organization. It's a deliberate practice to ensure that our strategies are not only locally relevant but also globally informed and competitive.

Marc Bishop
Marc BishopDirector, Wytlabs

Maintain a Balanced Life

I attribute much of my success as a CEO to maintaining a balanced life. This habit roots back to the understanding that entrepreneurship is not a sprint, but a marathon. Considering the intensity and unpredictability of my profession, I strongly believe that taking care of my physical and mental health allows for more sustained focus and productivity.

For example, I dedicate time for family events and personal activities, which help me unwind and recharge. This mindset allows me to return to work with unbridled enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. By leaving complacency at the door and valuing progress over perfection, I constantly drive myself and my company toward consistent growth. This personal habit, I believe, is key to my entrepreneurial journey and provides me with the resilience to handle the grueling demands of the entrepreneurial landscape.

Andrew Pierce
Andrew PierceCEO, LLC Attorney

Plan Meticulously

For me, the habit that yields incredible success is meticulous planning. My day starts with envisioning desired outcomes and then backtracking the steps necessary to get there. This strategy has particularly influenced how I run Nationwide United Auto Transport. When managing logistics for complex vehicle transport, a detailed plan acts as the roadmap to efficient service delivery.

For instance, planning enables us to plot the best routes to ensure timely pickup and delivery, anticipate and manage potential hurdles like traffic or road construction, and even arrange for special equipment needed for oversized vehicle transport. The incidents of unplanned downtime and customer complaints have significantly reduced as a result. Entrepreneurs who place value on this simple, daily habit find themselves better positioned to meet their company’s goals and mitigate unexpected challenges.

Chris Estrada
Chris EstradaCEO & Founder, Nationwide United Auto Transport

Empower Through Trust

I trust easily. While no one wants to be gullible, too many leaders take it far in the other direction and assume only their word is gold. This leads to unnecessary worry and micromanagement.

I prefer to see the vast potential in every relationship, whether it's with one of my team members or a business associate. When they tell me they can handle something, I believe them and back off—no matter how big the project.

This approach, I think, has been hugely successful because it empowers those around me to push themselves and live up to their projections. Most people do a better job when they know someone is relying on them wholly.

Distrust, on the other hand, tends to worsen results. If I don't trust my employees or partners enough to step back, they're more likely to doubt themselves and wind up faltering.

Rob Reeves
Rob ReevesCEO and President, Redfish Technology

Practice Mindful Meditation

For the past few years, I've been pursuing a meditation practice in earnest. My desire to learn more and strengthen my personal practice led me to take two 200-hour meditation teacher trainings.

My meditation practice has taught me so much, and it continues to reveal sharp truths daily. Where I find the most interesting intersection is that meditation has undoubtedly made me a better entrepreneur, and here's how:

  • I'm less reactive.
  • I know how to tap into a greater sense of clarity to assist in decision-making.
  • I'm more creative.
  • I'm learning to release expectations.
  • I trust myself.
  • I don't get as carried away by the highs and the lows.
  • I am more present with my clients.

Mindfulness and business go together beautifully. In fact, I would argue that we can no longer operate a low-consciousness business and expect to continue to thrive.

I believe meditation teaches us how to live and work in a more mindful and peaceful manner, and in better alignment with our true purpose. It's like the fast track to unveiling those ego-based sticking points that hold us back from our peace and our highest work in the world. And when we are well-resourced individuals, who give back to the world our greatest gifts, everyone prospers.

Maggie Gentry
Maggie GentryThought Partner & Digital Marketer, MaggieGentry

Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude

One personal habit that I attribute my success to as an entrepreneur is adopting an attitude of gratitude. Running a tech company is often a roller-coaster ride, and it's easy to lose oneself in the daily challenges. Acknowledging the efforts of my team, appreciating my customers, and being thankful for the opportunities we stumble upon have always grounded me. It promotes a positive work environment, boosts our collective morale, and strengthens customer relationships. Gratitude, I've noticed, is not only good for the soul but also for business.

Abid Salahi
Abid SalahiCo-founder & CEO, FinlyWealth

Engage in Active Listening

One personal habit that I believe contributes significantly to my success as an entrepreneur is active listening. Active listening involves not just hearing what others are saying, but fully engaging with their words, understanding their perspectives, and empathizing with their viewpoints.

As an entrepreneur, active listening enables me to gather valuable insights from customers, employees, mentors, and stakeholders. By truly understanding their needs, concerns, and feedback, I can tailor my products or services to meet market demands more effectively.

Kelli Anderson
Kelli AndersonCareer Coach, California Commercial Insurance

Prioritize Quality Sleep

Sleep. The glymphatic system in the brain eliminates waste and soluble proteins. It is most active when one is sleeping. Think of it as clearing up your head.

Dr. Carolyn Turbyfill
Dr. Carolyn TurbyfillEntrepreneur in Residence, WITI

Cross-Industry Innovation Sessions

A unique habit I uphold is participating in cross-industry innovation sessions. Once a month, I meet with leaders from non-related industries to discuss challenges and innovations in their fields. This cross-pollination of ideas brings fresh perspectives and solutions that can be adapted to digital marketing. Such interactions inspire out-of-the-box thinking and prevent my strategies from becoming insular or overly influenced by prevailing trends in our own industry. This broadened viewpoint enables our organization to adopt diverse approaches and stand out in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Jason Hennessey
Jason HennesseyCEO, Hennessey Digital

Practice Optimism

A personal habit that I believe significantly contributes to my success as an entrepreneur is practicing optimism. Working in the competitive field of marketing necessitates an innate sense of positivity. I've always found that maintaining a positive outlook, particularly during challenging times, enables me to navigate obstacles more effectively and drive my team forward with an unwavering spirit.

This habit has been fundamental during critical moments, such as implementing marketing strategies amidst uncertain market conditions or facilitating digital transformations for brands. By fostering a solution-oriented mindset, I've managed to turn potential setbacks into opportunities for innovation and growth. A prime example of this was when BusinessMap faced a significant product launch delay. Instead of viewing this as a setback, I saw it as an opportunity to refine our marketing strategies, leading to a more impactful product launch when it did occur.

Pavel Naydenov
Pavel NaydenovHead of Marketing, Businessmap

Cultivate Relentless Curiosity

At GMR Transcription, we're all about staying ahead of the curve. Information is like a firehose in this ever-evolving world—it's constantly flowing! But one habit keeps our team at the top of our game: relentless curiosity and a commitment to continuous learning. The language landscape is constantly changing. The more we learn, the better we become at what we do. This allows us to deliver high-quality transcripts across various industries and handle complex audio with greater accuracy.

Beth Worthy
Beth WorthyCofounder and President, GMR Transcription Services, Inc.

Distinguish Reversible Decisions

One habit that has greatly contributed to my success is understanding the concept of reversible versus irreversible decisions. This approach helps me make decisions quickly and efficiently. If a decision is reversible, I make it rapidly since any mistakes can be fixed. For irreversible decisions, I take more time and consider carefully. This habit has been instrumental in driving my entrepreneurial success.

Amar Ghose
Amar GhoseCEO, ZenMaid

Utilize Online Task Managers

I'm a CEO and a mom—and getting into the habit of using online task managers like Asana has changed my life.

I use Asana for everything on my to-do list, both at work and at home. I've used it to schedule doctor's appointments, plan birthday parties, and, most importantly, create a zero-meeting, zero-email workflow.

When everything is in one place, I can breathe a bit easier. There's no more forgetting deadlines or creating email chains trying to figure out an answer. Most importantly, it allows me to focus on higher-level tasks, which lowers my stress levels and gives me hours back, which is a win-win for my business.

Carey Bentley
Carey BentleyCEO, Lifehack Method

Master Task Balancing

I started my company 15 years ago, and being a business owner means there are always tons of things to do. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to handle many projects at once. You need to decide what needs to be done right away and what can wait. It's important to make sure the things that can wait don't get forgotten. If you can't balance tasks well, it's hard to succeed as a business owner. This balancing act isn't just for work; you also need to make time for yourself and your family. You need time for yourself and your family, or your job can come crashing down.

Evan McCarthy
Evan McCarthyPresident and CEO, SportingSmiles

Maintain a Morning Routine

One personal habit that I believe significantly contributes to my success as an entrepreneur is maintaining a consistent morning routine. Starting my day with a structured routine sets a positive tone and boosts my productivity. I typically begin with some form of physical exercise, such as a brisk walk or a quick workout, which helps clear my mind and energize my body for the day ahead.

Another crucial aspect of my morning routine is dedicating time to plan and prioritize my tasks. I spend a few minutes reviewing my schedule, setting clear goals, and identifying the most critical tasks that need to be accomplished. This habit ensures that I stay focused and organized throughout the day, allowing me to tackle challenges more efficiently and make better strategic decisions for White Oaks Construction.

I also make it a point to include some form of personal development in my routine, whether it's reading industry-related articles, listening to a podcast, or reflecting on my goals and progress. This continuous learning habit keeps me informed about the latest trends and innovations in the construction industry and helps me grow both personally and professionally.

By integrating these practices into my daily routine, I create a strong foundation for success and resilience in my entrepreneurial journey.

Tyler Poole
Tyler PooleOwner, White Oaks Construction

Embrace Testing and Adaptability

Never be afraid to test an idea because, with every failure, you get one step closer to success. If Thomas Edison had given up, he would never have invented the lightbulb. Instead, he kept going, kept trying, and kept learning from each hurdle. Adaptability and reframing failure into opportunities for growth are the keys to longevity in business and in your career. The economic landscape is rapidly changing, and having a growth mindset will allow you to stay ahead of these changes and your competition.

Emily Maguire
Emily MaguireEntrepreneur and Career Consultant, Reflections Career Coaching

Set Goals and Reflect Daily

I use a daily practice of goal-setting and reflection. Every morning, I outline my key objectives for the day, making sure they align with my long-term goals. At the end of the day, I reflect on my accomplishments and areas for improvement. This habit keeps me focused, organized, and continuously learning.

Inge Von Aulock
Inge Von AulockCEO, Top Apps

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