What Hiring Practices Have Helped You Build a Successful Team?

What Hiring Practices Have Helped You Build a Successful Team?

In the quest to assemble a winning team, we've gathered insights from Founders and CEOs who've mastered the art of recruitment. From ensuring honesty through reference call promises to valuing cultural fit for team cohesion, explore the five transformative hiring practices that these leaders swear by for team success.

  • Promise a Reference Call
  • Practice Remote Flexibility
  • Conduct Frequent Performance Reviews
  • Adapt Hiring Process
  • Emphasize Culture Fit

Promise a Reference Call

I use the promise of a reference call. Throughout the recruitment process, I reiterate to the candidate that I'll speak to their former boss. For example, "When I speak to your previous manager, what would he say you were like back then?" It encourages candidates to answer honestly and scares off liars and poor performers. Not only do I make better decisions, I waste less time with inappropriate candidates.

Geoff Newman
Geoff NewmanFounder, Starget

Practice Remote Flexibility

Always being a remote company, our consultants could easily take CFO jobs or positions at another management consulting firm. I cannot say that they and their families need to live in close proximity to my own residence. By remaining a remote company and having the flexibility to live where they need, it shows understanding of changes that happen in life. They do not need to find a new job to move, and this takes unneeded energy off their plate. This freedom helps to retain talent over the years.

Marjorie Adams
Marjorie AdamsPresident and CEO, Fourlane

Conduct Frequent Performance Reviews

At NPHub, we've adopted a strategy of conducting twice-a-year performance reviews. This approach is scalable as we grow and also acknowledges that the once-a-year review cycle is completely antiquated. By recognizing our team members twice a year, those who put in tremendous effort over six months get properly recognized sooner rather than later. We've noticed our younger workforce strongly prefers more frequent feedback loops. We also incorporate spot checks for outstanding performers on a quarterly basis. With both of these, our top employees who are truly working their butts off can potentially receive two raises in a single year, underlining our commitment to recognizing and rewarding hard work in real-time.

Krish Chopra
Krish ChopraFounder & CEO, NPHub

Adapt Hiring Process

An ever-changing, adaptive hiring process has allowed my team to match both the company's and our clientele's needs. We frequently tailor our hiring standards based on data we have gathered from various sources, such as our hiring managers, clients, adjacent industries, and from the latest trends. To ensure efficiency, we continually train those involved in the hiring process so that they will not stagnate and are capable of adapting to new technology or practices. It is crucial that we foster a sense of continual learning and constant adjustments so that the team can act as a cohesive unit that can handle any challenge and find more opportunities in the future.

Rebecca Sylvain
Rebecca SylvainCEO, Nannies and Kids United

Emphasize Culture Fit

We've placed a strong emphasis on cultural fit during the hiring process, alongside evaluating technical skills. This means we look for candidates who not only have the right skill set but also share our company values and vision.

By integrating questions and scenarios into interviews that assess how a candidate aligns with our culture, we've been able to build a cohesive, motivated team. This approach has contributed significantly to our low turnover rates and high employee satisfaction, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Ana Alipat
Ana AlipatRecruitment Team Lead, Dayjob Recruitment

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